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DIN EN 124-3
Gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas - Part 3: Gully tops and manhole tops made of steel or aluminium alloys; German version EN 124-3:2015

Title (German)

Aufsätze und Abdeckungen für Verkehrsflächen - Teil 3: Aufsätze und Abdeckungen aus Stahl oder Aluminiumlegierungen; Deutsche Fassung EN 124-3:2015


This European Standard is applicable to gully tops and manhole tops made of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys whether in combination with concrete or not, with a clear opening up to and including 1 000 mm for covering gullies, manholes and inspection chambers for installation in areas subjected to pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic. It is applicable to manhole tops and gully tops for use in: - areas which can only be used by pedestrians and pedal cyclists (at least class A 15); - pedestrian areas and comparable areas, car parks or car parking decks (at least class B 125); - the area of kerbside channels of roads which, when measured from the kerb edge, extends a maximum of 0,5 m into the carriageway and a maximum of 0,2 m into the pedestrian area (at least class C 250); - carriageways of roads (including pedestrian streets), hard shoulders and parking areas, for all types of road vehicles (at least class D 400); - areas imposing high wheel loads, for example docks, aircraft pavements (at least class E 600); - areas imposing particularly high wheel loads, for example aircraft pavements (class F 900). This European Standard is not applicable in isolation but only in combination with DIN EN 124-1 and gives guidance for combinations of covers/gratings made of steel or aluminium alloys with frames according to DIN EN 124-2 and DIN EN 124-4, DIN EN 124-5 or DIN EN 124-6. Fabrication of manhole tops and gully tops in accordance with this standard is limited to cold forming, mechanical crimping or welding together component parts made of metal plate, strip or bar or rolled or extruded metal sections. This European Standard is not applicable to: - manhole tops and gully tops made of aluminium tread plates for use in carriageways of roads (class D 400) and areas imposing high wheel loads (Classes E 600 and F 900); - concave gratings for class D 400 installed in carriageways of roads or hard shoulders and concave gratings for classes F 900 and E 600; - gratings/covers as part of prefabricated drainage channels according to DIN EN 1433; - floor and roof gullies in buildings which are specified in DIN EN 1253 (all parts); and - surface boxes. The responsible German standardization committee is Working Committee NA 119-05-01 AA "Entwässerungsgegenstände (CEN/TC 165/WG 4)" ("Sewage fittings (CEN/TC 165/WG 4)") at the DIN Standards Committee Water Practice (NAW).

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Responsible national committee

NA 119-05-01 AA - Sewage fittings (CEN/TC 165/WG 4)  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 165/WG 4 - Manhole tops, gully tops, drainage channels and other ancillary components for use outside buildings  

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