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DIN EN ISO 8224-1
Traveller irrigation machines - Part 1: Operational characteristics and laboratory and field test methods (ISO 8224-1:2003/AMD 1:2011); German version EN ISO 8224-1:2003 + A1:2011

Title (German)

Mobile Beregnungsmaschinen - Teil 1: Betriebskennwerte und Prüfverfahren für Labor- und Felduntersuchungen (ISO 8224-1:2003/AMD 1:2011); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 8224-1:2003 + A1:2011


This part of ISO 8224 specifies the operational characteristics of, and laboratory and field test methods for, traveller irrigation machines. It contains - specifications for the user-oriented technical information for inclusion in the manufacturer's accompanying product literature; - laboratory test methods for evaluating the uniformity of water distribution on a given irrigated strip and within a specified range of parameters during operation of the traveller irrigation machine and for determination of the maximum travelling rates that the drive mechanism is able to achieve under specified operating conditions; - field test methods for determination of the uniformity of water distribution on a given irrigated strip under local conditions prevailing in the field at time of testing. It is applicable only to traveller irrigation machines and not to other types of irrigation machine such as, for instance, centrepivot and moving lateral irrigation machines. This consolidated edition of EN ISO 8224-1 incorporates Amendment A1:2011. The incorporated modifications are marked. They concern updates to the normative references and the associated method modifications. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 119-02-14 AA "Bewässerung (CEN/TC 334, ISO/TC 23/SC 18)" ("Irrigation (CEN/TC 334, ISO/TC 23/SC 18)") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 119-02-14 AA - Irrigation and drainage (CEN/TC 334, ISO/TC 23/SC 18) 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 334 - Irrigation techniques 

Edition 2011-12
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