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DIN 19606
Chlorinators for water treatment - Equipment, installation and operation

Title (German)

Chlorgasdosieranlagen zur Wasseraufbereitung - Anlagenaufbau und Betrieb


This standard is a new edition. It applies to chlorinators for the treatment of water intended for human consumption (drinking water, swimming pool water and service water) and for the treatment of cooling water and waste water. The standard is only applicable to chlorinators operating by the indirect method. For chlorinators with chlorine evaporators it is applicable from the regulator in connection with the evaporator assembly. Information has been specified regarding the installation of chlorinators, chlorine withdrawal, material and operation. The revision has become necessary because some specifications in DIN 19606:2006-06 were proved to be too rigid or specific. The standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 119-04-02 AA "Wasseraufbereitung" ("Water treatment") of NAW.

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NA 119-07-13 AA - Chemicals and plants for water treatment 

Edition 2010-09
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