NA 119

DIN Standards Committee Water Practice

CEN/TC 230/WG 2
Biological methods co-ordination group

The WG 2 develops a series of standards suitable with the new water framework directive in order to assess properly the ecological status of water bodies all over Europe. This emply the standardisation of sampling and identification of different taxa from several faunistic and floristic groups living in European waters. Work items on invert rates, fish, marcophytes and algae are in progress. A standard for assessing the habitat characteristics is also developped as a necessary tool for proper status determination. Quality assurance of these standards is also addressed in a specific task group. WG 2 is also preparing a co-normative research proposal for a statistical and rational determination of quality classes suitable for european waters.

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 230/WG 2

Committee ID Name
NA 119-01-03 AA Water quality (CEN/TC 230, ISO/TC 147)