NA 119

DIN Standards Committee Water Practice

CEN/TC 444
Environmental characterization of solid matrices

Standardization of test methods for the environmental characterization of soil, solid and liquid waste, biowaste and sludge. This covers: * Digestion / extraction, chemical analysis, physical methods, quality assurance and quality control (laboratories); * Where appropriate and decided by the environmental matrix TCconcerned: leaching tests, screening methods, sample pretreatment, biological and microbiological analysis, reporting. Excluded are: * Sampling, assessment methods and vocabulary, which are covered by the Technical Committee specific for each matrix. This TC will operate in close co-operation with other TCs in the environmental sector as described in the Business Plan (Code of Practice), notably by inviting the vertical TCs to appreciate the multi-matrix criteria of the standards. NOTE The list of concerned matrices should be amended when other TCs join this TC.

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 444

Committee ID Name
NA 119-01-02 AA Waste and soil investigation (Coordination ISO/TC 190; ISO/TC 275, CEN/TC 308, CEN/TC 444, CEN/SABE/ENV)