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DIN EN ISO 8611-1
Pallets for materials handling - Flat pallets - Part 1: Test methods (ISO 8611-1:2011); German version EN ISO 8611-1:2012

Title (German)

Paletten für den Gütertransport - Flachpaletten - Teil 1: Prüfverfahren (ISO 8611-1:2011); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 8611-1:2012


This standard has been prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 51 "Pallets for unit load method of materials handling"/WG 2 "Methods of test for pallets". At the Packaging Standards Committee (NAVp) NA 115-03-07 AA "Paletten" ("Pallets") accompanied the work. In DIN EN ISO 8611-1 test methods that can be used for testing new flat pallets are shown. For each test the purpose as to why the test shall be performed, the procedure as to how the test shall take place and how the measurement shall be performed is designated. The tests are subdivided into the groups: nominal load test, maximum working load test and durability test. Part 2 of the standard series specifies which tests can be performed with which pallet. Part 3 contains specifications for the maximum working load. The users of this standard are manufacturers of pallets, test institutes and users of pallets. The standard series is of great importance for global transport of goods. Potential durability of the pallets can be clearly determined. As a result, the risk which may occur due to the application of damaged or incorrectly used pallets during transport and handling is avoided. Damage to people and loss of wares/goods can be avoided.

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Responsible national committee

NA 115-03-07 AA - Pallets 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 261/SC 5 - Primary packaging and transport packaging 

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 51/WG 2 - Methods of test for pallets 

Edition 2012-10
Original language German
Translation English
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