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DIN 55571-2
Hot-Tack - Part 2: Peel strength measuring devices

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Hot-Tack - Teil 2: Kraftmessende Prüfgeräte


This standard specifies test methods which can be used to determine the hot tack strength of a sealed seam within prescribed sealing parameters. By varying the sealing parameters this method can also be used to determine the conditions for achieving the optimal hot tack strength of such seams. The method can also be used to compare different hot seal media. The measurement results for methods A, B, and C with regard to the absolute value cannot be compared directly, as the test assemblies and the sealing conditions differ greatly. Due to the positioning of the guide pulleys and the assessment of the strength of the sealed seams by means of a peel test, the methods are primarily suitable for flexible packaging materials. This document has been prepared by Working Committee NA 115-02-01 AA "Flexible Packmittel - Laminate, Folien, Säcke, Beutel, Tragetaschen" ("Flexible packaging - plastic and laminated foils, bags, pouches, carrier bags") at DIN Standards Committee Packaging (NAVp).

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NA 115-02-01 AA - Flexible packaging - plastic and laminated films, bags, pouches, carrier bags 

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