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DIN 55409-2
Packaging - Test method for determining opening forces for peelable packagings - Part 2: Dimensionally stable packagings

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Verpackung - Prüfverfahren zur Bestimmung von Öffnungskräften an peelbaren Verpackungen - Teil 2: Formstabile Packmittel


This document specifies a test method for dimensionally stable and semi-rigid packagings, for instance tins, cups, bowls and, if applicable, bottles, which aids realistic determination of the opening forces for peelable packagings. The test method is relevant for the development, the quality assurance directly in the packaging process or following transport, handling and storage as well as for comparative assessments and checking previously determined set values. The document has been prepared by Working Committee NA 115-02-01 AA "Flexible Packmittel - Laminate, Folien, Säcke, Beutel, Tragetaschen" ("Flexible packaging - plastic and laminated films, bags, pauches, carrier bags") by the Packaging Standards Committee (NAVp) at of DIN, the German Institute for Standardization e. V.

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NA 115-02-01 AA - Flexible packaging - plastic and laminated films, bags, pouches, carrier bags  

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