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DIN 5065
Packaging - Plastic closures for metallic tubes

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Packmittel - Verschlüsse aus Kunststoff für Metalltuben


This document is applicable to plastic closures for cylindrical metallic tubes in accordance with DIN EN 13046 and for conical metallic tubes in accordance with DIN EN 13047 and specifies dimensions, material and types of closures. With respect to the previous document, DIN 5065:1987-03, the following changes have been made: a) plastic tubes have been deleted from the scope; b) the normative references have been updated; c) editorial revision. The revision of the standard has been carried out by Working Committee NA 115-02-08 AA "Tuben" ("Tubes") of the Packaging Standards Committee (NAVp).

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NA 115-02-08 AA - Tubes  

Edition 2010-09
Original language German
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