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DIN CEN/TR 15120; DIN SPEC 26052:2013-08
Tanks for transport of dangerous goods - Guidance and recommendations for loading, transport and unloading; German version CEN/TR 15120:2013

Title (German)

Tanks für die Beförderung gefährlicher Güter - Leitlinien und Empfehlungen für Ausfüllung, Beförderung und Entladung; Deutsche Fassung CEN/TR 15120:2013


Technical Report


This document (DIN CEN/TR 15120) has been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 296 "Tanks for transport of dangerous goods", the secretariat of which is held by AFNOR (France). The responsible German Mirror Committee is NA 104-02-07 AA "Ausrüstung für Transporttanks" ("Service equipment for transport tanks") of the Tank Installations Standards Committee (NATank). This document contains guidance and recommendations for loading at terminals and discharge at service stations or customer premises of tank trucks transporting dangerous substances (flammable liquid petroleum products) which have a vapour pressure not exceeding 110 kPa at 50 °C (including petrol) and which have no sub-classification as toxic or corrosive. The guidance and recommendations given in this document are intended to assist users in meeting the requirements of the European Parliament and Council Directive 94/63/EC (VOC Directive).

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NA 104-02-07 AA - Service equipment for transport tanks 

Edition 2013-08
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