NA 104

DIN Standards Committee Tank Installations

CEN/TC 296/WG 1
Terminology and knowledge representation

Objective of CEN/TC 296/WG1: - Terminology - Dissemination of information to the experts of CEN/TC 296 - Relay with experts from CEN / TC 296 modifications of RID/ADR regulation - Establish a center of excellence facilitating the application of standards developed by CEN/TC 296 working groups. Scope of CEN/TC 296/WG1: - Terminology - Propagate changes of CEN rules - Inform CEN/TC 296 members on RID/ADR evolutions - Ensure the proper implementation of standards developed by CEN/TC 296 - Provide answers to technical questions from members of CEN/TC 296 in coordination as appropriate with relevant working group. - Propose, if necessary, interpretations and amendments to RID/ADR - On an annual basis, a report will be forwarded to CEN / TC 296 containing the actions undertaken within WG1.

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 296/WG 1

Committee ID Name
NA 104-03-01 AA Tanks for the transport of dangerous goods