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DIN 820-1
Standardization - Part 1: Principles

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Normungsarbeit - Teil 1: Grundsätze


This basic standard specifies the general principles, organization and results of standardization. It applies for the bodies of DIN, the German Institute for Standardization e. V. and for other organizations as well as any person, including the "public" if their involvement in accordance with this standard is intended. This standard differs from DIN 820-1:2009-05 as follows: a) in Clause 2 a new introductory text is used; b) in 5.4, the word "businesses" has been changed to "companies"; c) in 5.6, the "Process Quality and Inspection (PQ) section" is now called the "Process Quality Monitoring (PQ) unit"; d) in the original German text the word "Zeitschrift" (meaning "journal") has been deleted from 5.7 (this term has been left in the English translation as an aid to non-German-speaking users of the standard); e) the Bibliography has been updated. DIN 820-1 has been prepared by Working Committee NA 173-00-02 AA "Gestaltung von Normen" ("Presentation of standards") at the Principles of Standardization Standards Committee (NAGLN).

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NA 173-00-01 AA - Standardization principles 

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