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DIN EN 15651-4
Sealants for non-structural use in joints in buildings and pedestrian walkways - Part 4: Sealants for pedestrian walkways; German version EN 15651-4:2017 + AC:2017

Title (German)

Fugendichtstoffe für nicht tragende Anwendungen in Gebäuden und Fußgängerwegen - Teil 4: Fugendichtstoffe für Fußgängerwege; Deutsche Fassung EN 15651-4:2017 + AC:2017


This European Standard specifies definitions and requirements for cold applied non-structural elastic sealants used for movement joints in floors in building construction for interior and exterior use. Areas of application are: floor joints designed for pedestrian walkways, public areas, movement joints between concrete slabs, areas with pedestrian load, areas used with trolleys, walkable floors, balconies, terraces, warehouses.

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Responsible national committee

NA 005-02-16 AA - Sealants (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 349 and ISO/TC 59/SC 8)  

Edition 2017-07
Original language German
Translation English
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