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DIN 4108-4
Thermal insulation and energy economy in buildings - Part 4: Hygrothermal design values

Title (German)

Wärmeschutz und Energie-Einsparung in Gebäuden - Teil 4: Wärme- und feuchteschutztechnische Bemessungswerte


This standard contains thermal insulation parameters that are to be used for the mathematical verification of the thermal insulation of buildings and their components. The design values specified in this standard take into account, among other things, the influences of temperature, the equilibrium moisture content, as well as fluctuations in the material properties and ageing of the products. The water vapour resistance factor values listed in this document are guideline values and can be subject to significant variations. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-56-92 AA "Kennwerte und Anforderungsbedingungen" ("Characteristic values and requirements") at DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering (NABau).

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Responsible national committee

NA 005-56-92 AA - Characteristic values and requirements (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 89/WG 12 (partly), ISO/TC 163/SC 1/WG 10, ISO/TC 163/SC 3/WG 4)  

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