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DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

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DIN 4426
Equipment for building maintenance - Safety requirements for workplaces and accesses - Design and construction

Title (German)

Einrichtungen zur Instandhaltung baulicher Anlagen - Sicherheitstechnische Anforderungen an Arbeitsplätze und Verkehrswege - Planung und Ausführung


On the basis of the German Occupational Safety and Health Act and the German Regulation on Safety and Health Protection at Construction Sites (Baustellenverordnung - BaustellV), general principles for the prevention of health and safety hazards shall be taken into account during execution planning and preparation of the construction project. In fulfilling this task the principal shall be obliged to compile a document that takes the characteristics of the construction work into account and contains relevant health and safety information that is to be taken into account during any subsequent work (maintenance). General requirements for the maintenance of building structures are contained in the building regulations of the federal states and are specified by this standard with regard to the design of workplaces and traffic routes. This standard is a basis for the planning of project-related safety systems for the maintenance of structures and for the tendering and awarding of construction work based on the state of the art. This standard contains safety-related specifications.

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NA 005-11-71 AA - Safety devices for maintenance of structures (anti-drop devices)  

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