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DIN 4109-33
Sound insulation in buildings - Part 33: Data for verification of sound insulation (component catalogue) - Timber construction, lightweight construction and dry walling

Title (German)

Schallschutz im Hochbau - Teil 33: Daten für die rechnerischen Nachweise des Schallschutzes (Bauteilkatalog) - Holz-, Leicht- und Trockenbau


This standard contains acoustic data of components and structures for timber construction, lightweight construction and dry walling, which may be used without building acoustic tests in the calculation methods specified in DIN 4109-2 for the computational verifications of DIN 4109-1. This standard applies only in conjunction with the framework document DIN 4109-3-1.

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NA 005-55-75 AA - Verification methods, structural components, safety concept 

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