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DIN 11622-22
Silage and liquid manure containers, containers in biogas plants, bunker silos and trench silos - Part 22: Concrete blocks acting as lost formwork for silage and liquid manure containers, bunker silos and trench silos and liquid manure channels

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Gärfuttersilos, Güllebehälter, Behälter in Biogasanlagen, Fahrsilos - Teil 22: Betonschalungssteine für Gärfuttersilos, Güllebehälter, Fahrsilos und Güllekanäle


This standard applies to concrete shuttering blocks that are to be used for silage and liquid manure containers and liquid manure channels according to DIN 11622-2 as well as bunker silos and trench silos according to DIN 11622-5. It exclusively regulates the particular requirements resulting from the special purpose. This standard does not apply to the sealing design of the mentioned structures made of concrete blocks acting as lost formwork. The sealing effect of the structures, for example through linings or coatings, shall be proven by means of a certificate of usability by the building authorities. This document has been prepared by DIN, the German Institute for Standardization. V. at the DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering (NABau) by Working Committee NA 005-11-95 AA "Gärfuttersilos und Güllebehälter" ("Silage and liquid manure containers").

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NA 005-11-95 AA - Silage and liquid manure containers  

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