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DIN 4019
Soil - Analysis of settlement

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Baugrund - Setzungsberechnungen


This standard applies to the identification of size and chronological sequence of settlements and foundation tilting resulting from changes in volume and shape of the subsoil under vertical static loading. It specifies general principles for its calculation and indicates calculation methods. These principles and methods can be applied analogously to uplifts from unloading processes. The analytical calculation methods in this standard deal with borderline cases of rigid or non-rigid structures. Application of the methods for the case considered assumes sufficient distance to failure conditions in the soil. Numerical calculation methods such as the Finite Element Method (FEM) or the Finite Difference Method (FDM) are not covered in this standard. DIN Technical Rule 130 deals with the interaction between structure and ground. Lowering, settling, shrinkage and swelling and impacts such as vibration, temperature change, mining and production processes are not covered. This standard has been prepared by NA 005-05-04 AA "Baugrund; Berechnungsverfahren" ("Ground; calculation procedures") at the DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering.

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NA 005-05-04 AA - Ground; calculation procedures  

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