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DIN 18263-4
Building hardware - Controlled door closing devices - Part 4: Automatic swing door operator with self-closing function

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Schlösser und Baubeschläge - Türschließmittel mit kontrolliertem Schließablauf - Teil 4: Drehflügeltürantriebe mit Selbstschließfunktion


Whether in airports, train stations, shopping centres, hospitals, museums or office buildings - automatically opening and closing doors have become indispensable in public buildings. Wherever automation of swing doorsets is concerned, swing doorset drives are used. Frequently, these automatic, that is power-operated, swing doorsets also have to meet requirements of fire protection one of which being the self-closing property. DIN 18263-4 describes the requirements and test methods for swing doorset drives with self-closing function. Technical progress has made it possible to also implement the function of older door closers with automatic opening via electromechanical drive systems which allow for not only the opening but also the closing to be power-operated; however, a mechanical energy storage shall always be provided which ensures the self-closing function in the event of a fire alarm or malfunction. Therefore, the connection of a classical (hydraulic) door closer with a drive for opening is no longer mandatorily required and several construction types may be used instead. The standard has been revised and, in addition to that, renamed to take account of this new state of technology. The following changes were made with respect to DIN 18263-4:1997-05: - requirements and test methods from DIN EN 1154, Controlled door closing devices have been integrated; - the requirements and test methods were adapted to the state of technology regarding the construction of swing doorset drives with self-closing function; - the product specific factory production control and regulatory compliance have been adapted and impermissible references to requirements for conformity assessment have been deleted; - the normative references have been updated. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-09-46 AA "Schließmittel (SpA zu CEN/TC 33/WG 4/TG 6)" ("Door closers (Mirror committee to CEN/TC 33/WG 4/TG 6)") at DIN.

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NA 005-09-46 AA - Closing devices (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 33/WG 4/TG 6) 

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