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DIN 18141-1
Subsoil - Analysis of rock samples - Part 1: Determination of the unconfined compressive strength

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Baugrund - Untersuchung von Gesteinsproben - Teil 1: Bestimmung der einaxialen Druckfestigkeit


This standard applies to methods and instruments for the laboratory determination of the compressive strength and deformation characteristics of rock samples under uniaxial load state. The test results are intended to characterize and classify solid rocks and to derive characteristics for geotechnical issues. This standard applies to the analysis of geotechnical characteristics of solid rocks. DIN 1926 specifies the uniaxial compressive strength test for natural stone. DIN 18136 regulates the unconfined compression test with soil samples. The body responsible for this standard is NA 005-05-03 AA "Baugrund; Laborversuche (SpA zu CEN/TC 341/WG 6)" ("Laboratory tests on soils (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 341/WG 6)") at DIN.

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NA 005-05-03 AA - Laboratory tests on soils (national mirror committee for parts of CEN/TC 341, CEN/TC 396 and ISO/TC 182/WG 10 and WG 13) 

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