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DIN 4140
Insulation work on industrial installations and building equipment - Execution of thermal and cold insulations

Title (German)

Dämmarbeiten an betriebstechnischen Anlagen in der Industrie und in der technischen Gebäudeausrüstung - Ausführung von Wärme- und Kältedämmungen


This standard applies to insulation work on industrial installations and building equipment . These are production and distribution systems, for example devices, containers, columns, tanks, steam generators, pipes, heating and cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, cold and hot water systems. If fire protection and/or noise control requirements (German Technical Guidelines for noise reduction, TA Lärm) exist, the relevant standards (see Clause 2) and/or verifications of applicability shall be observed. This standard does not apply to insulation work on building shells, interior walls and intermediate ceilings, ship and vehicle construction and in restricted areas of nuclear power plants. The body responsible for this standard is NA 005-56-10 AA "Dämmarbeiten an technischen Anlagen" ("Insulation work for industrial installations") at DIN.

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NA 005-56-10 AA - Insulation work for industrial installations (national mirror committee for ISO/TC 163/SC 2/WG 4) 

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