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DIN 18008-4
Glass in Building - Design and construction rules - Part 4: Additional requirements for barrier glazing

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Glas im Bauwesen - Bemessungs- und Konstruktionsregeln - Teil 4: Zusatzanforderungen an absturzsichernde Verglasungen


The DIN 18008 standard series, "Glass in Building - Design and construction rules" is intended to consist of the following parts: - Part 1: Terms and general bases (published), - Part 2: Linearly supported glazings (published), - Part 3: Point fixed glazing, - Part 4: Additional requirements for barrier glazing, - Part 5: Additional requirements for walk-on glazing, - Part 6: Additional requirements for glazings accessible for cleaning and maintenance measures (in preparation) - Part 7: Special structures (in preparation). Part 4 of this standard is applicable for vertical glazings and for horizontal glazings inclined to the exposed side, which secure persons on traffic areas from lateral falls. It is applicable for the following glazing categories: Category A Glazings in accordance with Part 2 or 3 of this standard, which are required to carry a horizontal imposed loads as they do not possess a load-bearing barrier rail or projecting bar at the required height for acceptance of horizontal imposed loads in accordance with DIN EN 1991-1-1:2012-12 and DIN EN 1991-1-1/NA:2010-12, 6.4. Category B Glass barriers fixed below, the individual panes of which are linked by a continuous handrail at the required height. The handrail can be fixed to the upper pane edge or by a plate holder in accordance with Part 3 of this standard. Category C Glazings in accordance with Part 2 or Part 3 of this standard which are not required to carry any horizontal imposed loads at the required height and correspond with one of the following groups: C1: Railing cladding; C2: Glazings beneath a load-bearing transom arranged at the required height; C3: Glazings with load-bearing bar projected at the required height. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-09-25 AA "Bemessungs- und Konstruktionsregeln für Bauprodukte aus Glas (SpA zu CEN/TC 129/WG 8 und CEN/TC 250/WG 3)" ("Design and construction rules for glass building products (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 129/WG 8 and CEN/TC 250/WG 3)") at DIN.

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NA 005-09-25 AA - Rules for the design of glass construction products (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 129/WG 8 and CEN/TC 250/SC 11)  

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