NA 005

DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

DIN 18337 [Withdrawn] referenced in following documents:

Document number Edition Title
ALZ A 6 1993-01 Folien und dünne Bänder aus Aluminium als Funktionsträger für Dämmelemente und Dichtungsbahnen im Bauwesen More 
Dicht 1 1982-06 Sealing with corrugated metal strip and layer for vapour pressure relief More 
Dicht 2 1982-06 Sealing with mastic asphalt and layer for vapour pressure relief More 
Dicht 3 1982-06 Single-layer sealing with welded bitumen sheeting More 
Dicht 4 1982-06 Double-layer sealing with bitumen sealing strips without layer for vapour pressure relief; protective layer of asphalt concrete More 
Dicht 5 1982-06 Sealing with continuous protective layer of mastic asphalt More 
FGSV 789/15 1981 Comments and suggestions on provisions and guidelines on bituminous materials in road construction; number 15 1981, cases 400-435 More 
VOB1979Erl BW 1979-11-15 Joint decree on the introduction of the contracting procedures for the building industry (VOB); issue of 1979 More