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DIN 18560-4
Floor screeds - Part 4: Screeds laid on separated layer

Title (German)

Estriche im Bauwesen - Teil 4: Estriche auf Trennschicht


This standard applies in conjunction with DIN EN 13813 and DIN 18560-1 for screeds which are separated from the base by a thin separating layer. These screeds are intended to make the surface of a layer useable. They can be used directly (without covering) or they can be used with a covering. For screeds on top of a separating layer which are subjected to high stresses, DIN 18560-4 shall be considered. The standards of the DIN 18560 series have been revised by Working Committee NA 005-09-75 AA "Estriche im Bauwesen" ("Screed in building") of NABau due to the publication of the revised DIN 18560-1 and DIN 18560-2. DIN 18560 consists of: Part 1: General requirements, testing and construction; Part 2: Floor screeds and heating floor screeds on insulation layers; Part 3: Bonded screed; Part 4: Screeds laid on separated layer; Part 7: Heavy-duty screeds (industrial screeds). The following modifications have been made with respect to DIN 18560-4:2004-04: a) the normative references have been updated; b) regulations on screed thicknesses (3.2 and Table 1) have been revised; c) regulations on strength classes and hardness classes (3.3 and Table 2) have been revised; d) constructional requirements for welding lines and screed joints have been revised; e) moisture measurement with a moisture measurement system has been incorporated; f) specifications on separating layers (6.1) have been specified in more detail; g) thickness of the separating layer made of polyethylene foil has been increased to 0,15 mm; h) specifications on surface layer have been incorporated (6.3); i) examples for designations of screed have been incorporated (clause 7); j) example for recording of a moisture measurement has been incorporated as informative Annex A; k) document has been adopted to the current design rules.

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NA 005-09-75 AA - Screed in building (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 303, CEN/TC 303/WG 1, CEN/TC 303/WG 2) 

Edition 2012-06
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