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DIN EN 13541
Glass in building - Security glazing - Testing and classification of resistance against explosion pressure; German version EN 13541:2012

Title (German)

Glas im Bauwesen - Sicherheitssonderverglasung - Prüfverfahren und Klasseneinteilung des Widerstandes gegen Sprengwirkung; Deutsche Fassung EN 13541:2012


This standard specifies a test method and performance requirements for the classification of explosion pressure resistant glazing for use in buildings. The main requirement of explosion pressure resistant glazing is to protect humans from explosives. This standard describes a method of test of the explosion pressure resistant properties of a glazing in which the required explosive blast is generated using a shock tube or similar facility to simulate a high explosive detonation. The classification is only valid for tested glazing sizes of about 1 m2. Based on theoretical considerations and/or experimental work, the results may be used for statements regarding explosion-pressure-resistance of other glazing sizes, however. The resistance classes are not assigned to specific situations. For each individual case the individual who specifies, if necessary with the help of experts in the field of explosion, should be consulted. The protection provided by explosion-resistant-glazing not only depends on the product itself, but also on the design and fixing of the glass. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-09-29 AA "Glas im Bauwesen (SpA zu CEN/TC 129 und ISO/TC 160; SpA zu CEN/TC 129/WG 2, CEN/TC 129/WG 3, ISO/TC 160/SC 1/WG 2, ISO/TC 160/SC 1/WG 3)" ("Glass in building (mirror committee to CEN/TC 129 and ISO/TC 160; mirror committee CEN/TC 129/WG 2, CEN/TC 129/WG 3, ISO/TC 160/SC 1/WG 2, ISO/TC 160/SC 1/WG 3)") at DIN.

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Responsible national committee

NA 005-09-29 AA - Glass in building (national mirror committee (SpA) to CEN/TC 129 and ISO/TC 160; SpA to CEN/TC 129 and ISO/TC 160; SpA to CEN/TC 129/WG 1, CEN/TC 129/WG 2, CEN/TC 129/WG 3, CEN/TC 129/WG 5, CEN/TC 129/WG 6, CEN/TC 129/WG 8, CEN/TC 129/WG 9, CEN/TC 129/WG 10, CEN/TC 129/WG 12, CEN/TC 129/WG 14, CEN/TC 129/WG 17, CEN/TC 129/WG 18, CEN/TC 129/WG 19, CEN/TC 129/WG 20, CEN/TC 129/WG 21, ISO/TC 160/CAG, ISO/TC 160/WG 1, ISO/TC 160/WG 2, ISO/TC 160/WG 3, ISO/TC 160/WG 4, ISO/TC 160/WG 5, ISO/TC 160/WG 7, ISO/TC 160/WG 8, ISO/TC 160/WG 9, ISO/TC 160/WG 10)  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 129/WG 14 - Security  

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