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DIN 18134
Soil - Testing procedures and testing equipment - Plate load test

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Baugrund - Versuche und Versuchsgeräte - Plattendruckversuch


This standard applies in earthworks and foundations as well as road construction. The purpose of the plate load test is to determine load settlement lines and by using these, to assess the deformability and load bearing capacity of the soil. The deformation modulus EV and the bedding modulus ks can be determined from the load settlement lines. The committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-05-03 AA "Baugrund; Laborversuche (SpA zu CEN/TC 341/WG 6)" ("Laboratory tests on soils (Mirror Committee of CEN/TC 341/WG 6)") at DIN.

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NA 005-05-03 AA - Laboratory tests on soils (national mirror committee for parts of CEN/TC 341, CEN/TC 396 and ISO/TC 182/WG 10 and WG 13) 

Edition 2012-04
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