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DIN 18195 Beiblatt 1
Water-proofing of buildings - Supplement 1: Examples of positioning of sealants

Title (German)

Bauwerksabdichtungen - Beiblatt 1: Beispiele für die Anordnung der Abdichtung


One of the most important tasks during the conception of a building project is the correct planning of protection of the building against moisture. The building shall be planned and designed so that hygiene, health and environment of residents and users and the durability of the building itself are not put at danger due to moisture. For correct technical planning of waterproofing, the series DIN 18195 with its parts 1 to 10 is a proven and extensive technical rule base for the sector "waterproofing of buildings". The majority of buildings are, however, unique. The series DIN 18195 which presents a general technical rule, cannot, however, provide specific project details for the positioning of waterproofings in buildings. For this reason, it would be incorrect to incorporate graphic presentations in the normative text. On the other hand, drawings are one of the most important forms of expression for engineers. Therefore, Working Committee "Bauwerksabdichtungen" ("Water-proofing of buildings") at DIN has prepared this supplement based on a variety of wishes. It provides, by way of schematic sketches, assistance for the application of the series DIN 18195 for the question of the positioning of waterproofings in buildings.

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NA 005-02-13 AA - Mastic asphalt for waterproofing structures in contact with the ground (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 314)  

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