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DIN 18008-1
Glass in Building - Design and construction rules - Part 1: Terms and general bases

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Glas im Bauwesen - Bemessungs- und Konstruktionsregeln - Teil 1: Begriffe und allgemeine Grundlagen


The standard DIN 18008 provides rules for design and construction as well as specifications for required experimental verifications. The load-bearing capacity, positional permanence and usability of the glazed structures under planned action are dealt with. The standard was designed so that additional standard parts can be added, if required. The DIN 18008 standard series, "Glass in building - Design and construction rules" is intended to consist of the following parts: - Part 1: Terms and general bases - Part 2: Linearly supported glazings - Part 3: Point fixed glazings (in preparation) - Part 4: Additional requirements for fall-secured glazings (in preparation) - Part 5: Additional requirements for walkable glazings (in preparation) - Part 6: Additional requirements for glazings accessible for cleaning and maintenance measures (in preparation) - Part 7: Special structures (in preparation). This Part 1 of the standard specifies the bases applicable for all parts of the standard. This applies to, amongst others, terms and definitions and general bases for design and construction rules as well as indications for required or acceptable test verifications, if necessary. Amongst others, the safety concept, actions, calculation of tensions and deformations, of load-bearing capacity and usability as well as the residual load-bearing capacity are described. The last clause of the standard deals with general design guidelines, for instance, glass thickness, glass supporting and particularities of glass drilling. In respect to Draft DIN 18008-1:2009-07, only minor changes have been made. In particular, the following changes have been made: a) editorial and technical revision; b) the Scope of the standard has been specified more precisely; c) recording of ice loads in the list of possible external loads in clause 4; d) revision of Table 5 and change of title of this table from "Correlation to Table A.2 of DIN 1055-100:2001-03" to "Coefficients Ψ" in clause 8; e) addition of an informative Annex A "Explanations to the minimum values for climate impacts". The Committee responsible for this standard is NA 005-09-25 AA "Bemessungs- und Konstruktionsregeln für Bauprodukte aus Glas" ("Design and construction rules for glass building products") at DIN.

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NA 005-09-25 AA - Rules for the design of glass construction products (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 129/WG 8 and CEN/TC 250/SC 11)  

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