NA 005

DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

Particle characterization including sieving

Standardization pertaining to equipment and methods used in characterization or size classification of particulate material, where particles may be considered to include grains, flakes, fibres, droplets, bubbles or pores from the nanometre to the millimetre scale.

Covering the following:

  • Particle and particle ensemble characterization, mainly by determination of physical properties of the particles including, for example, size distribution, particle shape and morphology, weight, density, surface area or porosity, and mobility
  • Particle systems characterization comprises particle-fluid and particle-particle interactions in suspensions, emulsions, aerosols or powders by determining their properties including concentration, electric charge, zeta potential, state of agglomeration, stability and rheology.
  • Test sieves, sieving methods and industrial screens.

Each of the above areas will comprise standardization in the field of laboratory or process environment including terminology, reference materials, guidance for sampling, sample preparation, interpretation of results and uncertainty determination.

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 24

Committee ID Name
NA 005-11-41 AA Sieving and sieves (national mirror committee for ISO/TC 24 and ISO/TC 24/SC 8)