NA 005

DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

ISO/TC 24/SC 8
Test sieves, sieving and industrial screens

Standardization pertaining to equipment and methods used in characterization or size classification of particles, grains and flakes.

Materials of interest range from the micrometer to the millimeter scale. This sub-committee covers test sieves, industrial screens and sieving methods/protocols. It is the task of this sub-committee and its working groups (WGs) to confirm, improve and further develop the standards in this field to keep them in conformance with the state of the art and to monitor the effects on the application

National mirror committee of ISO/TC 24/SC 8

Committee ID Name
NA 005-11-41 AA Sieving and sieves (national mirror committee for ISO/TC 24 and ISO/TC 24/SC 8)