NA 005

DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

CEN/TC 226/WG 2
Horizontal road signs

I.? In the field of the standardization activities: a. Other colors than white and yellow, used as permanent road markings (blue, green, etc.). b. Night?time color, especially for yellow road markings, as a new essential characteristic of the road markings applied. II.? Intending to produce CEN/Technical Reports: a. Test methods and requirements for (positive and negative) noise produced by "structured road markings". b. Conditions for removing/masking/covering road markings. III.? In the field of Research and Development: a. Updating COST 331, with especial focus on geometry. After the consultation carrying on by the convenor of WG2, this project does not seem too feasible. If still relevant, we should try to explore other ways for funding. b. The use of the road markings as a "Low Cost - High Effective Road Safety Engineering Measure for the Treatment of Black Spots".

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 226/WG 2

Committee ID Name
NA 005-10-22 AA Horizontal road signs (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 226/WG 2) Joint working group with FGSV