NA 005

DIN Standards Committee Building and Civil Engineering

CEN/TC 104
Concrete and related products

CEN/TC 104 deals with the standardisation of provisions for concrete and related products, in particular with respect to properties and requirements for: - fresh and hardened concrete; - production and delivery of fresh concrete; - constituent materials of concrete, e.g. mixing water, additions and admixtures; - sheaths for prestressing tendons; grout for prestressing tendons; - fibres for use in concrete; - execution of concrete structures; - production and execution of sprayed concrete; - products for the protection and repair of concrete structures. Additionally relevant test methods and provisions for the assessment of conformity for the products and procedures mentioned above are standardized. Not covered by the scope of TC 104 are: - the constituent materials; aggregate (see CEN/TC 154), Pigments (see CEN/TC 298) and Cement (see CEN/TC 51); - the design of concrete structures and components (see CEN/TC 250/SC 2); - precast concrete products (see CEN/TC 229); - prefabricated autoclave aerated and no-fines light weight concrete components (see CEN/TC 177).

National mirror committee of CEN/TC 104

Committee ID Name
NA 005-07-02 AA Concrete technology (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 104)