NA 058

DIN Standards Committee Lighting Technology

Technical rule [Withdrawn]

DIN SPEC 5031-100
Optical radiation physics and illuminating engineering - Part 100: Melanopic effects of ocular light on human beings - Quantities, symbols and action spectra

Title (German)

Strahlungsphysik im optischen Bereich und Lichttechnik - Teil 100: Über das Auge vermittelte, melanopische Wirkung des Lichts auf den Menschen - Größen, Formelzeichen und Wirkungsspektren




This DIN SPEC (pre-standard procedure) was developed by NA 058-00-27 AA "Wirkung des Lichts auf den Menschen" ("Effect of light on human beings") at the DIN Standards Committee Lighting Technology (FNL). A DIN SPEC according to the pre-standard procedure is the result of a standardization work that has not yet been published as a standard due to certain reservations regarding the content or due to the method of drawing up that deviates from a standard. This DIN SPEC specifies the spectral evaluation of the optical radiation in the visible range for the evaluation of melanopic lighting effects. In addition, terms and action spectra for the characterization of the melanopic lighting effects are defined. This DIN SPEC enables a standardized evaluation of light sources and lighting situations, regardless of whether the effect spectra provide an exact description of the melanopic light effects of the optical radiation. This DIN SPEC also specifies rules on how to proceed in order to fully describe the exposure of persons to light in scientific experiments and in practical applications if the focus is on melanopic lighting effects.

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NA 058-00-27 AA - Effect of light on human beings  

Edition 2015-08
Original language German
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