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DIN 6163
Colours and colour limits for signal lights in railway traffic and in local public transport

Title (German)

Farben und Farbgrenzen für Signallichter bei der Eisenbahn und im öffentlichen Nahverkehr


The colours and their boundaries specified in this standard are generally designed for signal lights as used in railway traffic and in local public transport in cases where the colour is part of the information furnished by the signal light. The colour selection corresponds to the recommendations of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) for a light signal system with five colours. Committee NA 025-00-05 GA "Gemeinschaftsarbeitsausschuss FNF/FNL: Optisches Signalwesen und Kennfarben" ("Joint Working Committee FNF/FNL: Optical signalling and identification colours") at DIN is responsible for this standard.

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NA 058-00-09 AA - Photometric and colorimetric properties of signal lights in traffic 

Edition 2015-01
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