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DIN 67523-2
Lighting of pedestrian crossings (sign 293 StVO) with additional lighting - Part 2: Calculation and measurement

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Beleuchtung von Fußgängerüberwegen (Zeichen 293 StVO) mit Zusatzbeleuchtung - Teil 2: Berechnung und Messung


According to road traffic regulations, pedestrians at pedestrian crossings corresponding with sign 293 have priority over motor traffic. In this case the applicable road safety obligations are taken from Paragraph 823 of the Civil Law Code (Damages), which also covers lighting requirements. In the dark, the pedestrian must be clearly visible when traversing the zebra crossing, in order to avoid accidents. This is only possible by use of additional lighting. This standard specifies the calculation and measurement of the quantitative photometric quality criteria according to DIN 67523-1. The specifications are necessary for comparable calculations and consistent measurements. With regards to DIN 67523-2:1988-04, the quality criteria have been adapted to DIN EN 13201-2 and -3, pedestrian crossings evaluated according to DIN 67523-1 and the calculation of glare limitation defined according to DIN EN 13201-2:2004-04. This standard is mainly used by manufacturers, power supply companies, public utilities, civil engineering departments, as well as designers of street lighting systems. This standard is a planning standard. This standard refers to the DIN EN 13201 standard series. The Committee responsible for this standard is Working Committee NA 058-00-11 AA "FNL/FGSV 3.11.01 Außenbeleuchtung" ("Outdoor lighting") of the Lighting Technology Standards Committee (FNL) at DIN.

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NA 058-00-11 AA - FNL/FGSV 3.02 Exterior lighting 

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