Pioneering Industrie 4.0

Introduction of DIN SPEC 92222, Reference Model for Industrial Cloud Federation

DIN SPEC 92222 Reference Model for Industrial Cloud Federation, completed in time for the Hanover Fair, was presented to guests in Hall 8, Stand E30. This specification has sparked a great deal of interest among experts involved in Industrie 4.0. It specifies requirements for standardized communication between machines or edge components and the centralized IT infrastructure. It also addresses communication across company boundaries between different cloud systems. DIN SPEC 92222 thereby contributes to ensuring that the flow of data is manufacturer independent and gives innovations and data-driven Industrie 4.0 business models a coherent framework.

DIN SPEC 92222 unifies many stakeholders

In Industrie 4.0, machines or systems operators have to make their equipment data available to many external companies; for example, in order to predict maintenance times as accurately as possible or enable billing for new pay-per-use models. The data in question mainly pertains to components, machinery and systems of different manufacturers. Furthermore, it is often the case that IoT applications not only need this data, but also need access to selected software functionalities of a machine or its components via remote services. “Industrie 4.0 is a dynamic environment in which many different players are interacting. This makes standardized communication indispensable,” according to Christoph Legat of the Expleo Group. Mr Legat headed up the consortium that developed the DIN SPEC. “It was important to us that DIN SPEC 92222 bring together as many stakeholders as possible, ranging from plant manufacturers and manufacturers of components all the way to providers of cloud services. Only with a unified voice can we pave the way for data-driven business models and innovative services in Industrie 4.0.” In order to develop concrete recommendations for action, the project partners have chosen an agile approach to standardization and developed the DIN SPEC in workshops. “Concrete use cases served the partners as the starting point for defining general solution concepts,” says Filiz Elmas, the DIN Project Manager responsible for this project. This makes DIN SPEC 9222 particularly well-suited as a practical guide.

31 project partners worked together to develop this DIN SPEC. DIN SPEC 92222 will be available for download free of charge as from the middle of May at


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