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Road vehicles - Validation of automotive low-voltage connectors


This document is intended for a complete validation document for automotive connectors up to 60 V DC. It defines test procedures and matrices. It is divided into laboratory, production and scopes that usually have to be processed by the development department. This technical guide describes test procedures and validation procedures for automotive connectors for up to 60 V DC. The aim is to enable comparison of test results based on a complete validation. The technical guidelines can be used as a reference for the specific documents of the customer, which are binding. This technical specification corresponds to the processing status at the time the specification was created. It is intended as non-binding orientation for the manufacturer and does not claim to be complete. Depending on the state of the art in measurement and production technology, tests can be individually adapted and additionally requested. Test reports must come from accredited laboratories. All deviations in test results from this specification must be discussed with the customer and shown in an overview.



Planned document number

DIN/TS 70214

Project number


Responsible national committee

NA 052-00-32-06 AK - On board electrical connections  


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