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Solid biofuels - Determination of moisture content - Part 2: Simplified method (ISO 18134-2:2024); German version EN ISO 18134-2:2024


This document describes the method of determining the total moisture content of a test sample of solid biofuels by drying in an oven and is used when the highest precision is not needed, e.g. for routine production control on site. The method described in ISO 18134 (all parts) is applicable to all solid biofuels. The moisture content of solid biofuels (as received) is always reported based on the total mass of the test sample (wet basis).





Planned document number

DIN EN ISO 18134-2

Project number


Responsible national committee

NA 062-05-82 AA - Solid biofuels  

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 335 - Solid biofuels  

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 238/WG 4 - Physical and mechanical test methods  

draft standard

Solid biofuels - Determination of moisture content - Part 2: Total moisture - Simplified method (ISO/DIS 18134-2:2023); German and English version prEN ISO 18134-2:2023
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previous edition(s)

Solid biofuels - Determination of moisture content - Oven dry method - Part 2: Total moisture - Simplified method (ISO 18134-2:2017); German version EN ISO 18134-2:2017

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