Special cement - Part 10: Cement with low effective alkali content - Composition and requirements


The document specifies the components of cement with low effective alkali content and their constituents together with DIN EN 197-1 for common cement and DIN EN 197-5 for portland-composite cement CEM II/C-M and composite cement CEM IV. These specifications are necessary for the production of certain cement types, compositions and strength classes. Futhermore the document includes the necessary mechanical, physical and chemical requirements of the products and strength classes.



Planned document number

DIN 1164-10

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Responsible national committee

NA 005-07-13 AA - Cement (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 51 and ISO/TC 74) 

draft standard

Special cement - Part 10: Cement with low effective alkali content, composition and requirements
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Special cement - Part 10: Composition, requirements and conformity evaluation for cement with low effective alkali content

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