Electric vehicle battery swap system - Part 1: General and guidance (IEC 69/715/CD:2020); Text in German and English


This part of IEC 62840, which is an International Standards, gives the general overview for battery swap systems, for the purposes of swapping batteries of electric road vehicles (EVs) when the vehicle powertrain is turned off and when the battery swap system is connected to the supply network at standard supply voltages according to IEC 60038 with a rated voltage up to 1 000 V AC and up to 1 500 V DC. This document is applicable for battery swap systems for EV equipped with one or more swappable battery system (SBS). NOT: Battery swap systems for light electric vehicles (LEVs) where protection against electric shock relies on double or reinforced insulation according to the IEC 61851-3 series are under consideration. This document is not applicable to: - aspects related to maintenance and service of the battery swap station (BSS); - trolley buses, rail vehicles and vehicles designed primarily for use off-road; - maintenance and service of EVs.



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DIN EN IEC 62840-1

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DKE/K 353 - Elektrostraßenfahrzeuge 

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Electric vehicle battery swap system - Part 1: General and guidance (IEC 69/715/CD:2020); Text in German and English
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Electric vehicle battery swap system - Part 1: General and guidance (IEC/TS 62840-1:2016)

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