Intelligent transport systems - Data interfaces between centres for transport information and control systems - Platform independent model specifications for data exchange protocols for transport information and control systems (ISO/TS 19468:2019)


The scope of this Technical specification is to specify and define component facets supporting the exchange and shared use of data and information in the field of traffic and travel.The component facets include the framework and context for exchanges, the data content, structure and relationships necessary and the communications specification, in such a way they are independent from any defined technical platform.This Technical Specification establishes specifications for data exchange between any two instances of the following actors:- Traffic Information Centres (TIC),- Traffic Control Centres/Traffic Management Centres (TCC/TMC),- Service Providers (SP),not limited to others actors like e.g. car park operators...Use of this Technical Specification may be applicable for use by other actors.This Technical Specification includes the following types of information:- The use cases and associated requirements and features relative to different exchange situations,- The different functional exchange profiles,- The abstract elements for protocols,- The data model for exchange (informational structures, relationships, roles, attributes and associated data types required).





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Responsible national committee

NA 052-00-71-20 GAK - Joint working group NAAutomobil/DKE: Dynamic data in IVS 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 278/WG 8 - Road traffic data (RTD) 

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 204/WG 9 - Integrated transport information, management and control 


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