Water quality - Determination of arsenic and antimony - Part 1: Method using hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometry (HG-AFS) (ISO 17378-1:2014)


This part of ISO 17378 specifies a method for the determination of arsenic and antimony. The method is applicable to drinking water, surface water, ground water and rain water. The linear application range of this standard is from 0,02 µg/l to 100 µg/l. Samples containing arsenic, or antimony, at higher concentrations can be analysed following appropriate dilution. Generally sea water is outside the scope of this part of ISO 17378. Sea water samples can be analysed using a standard additional approach providing that this is validated for the samples under test. The method is unlikely to detect organo-arsenic compounds or organo-antimony compounds. The sensitivity of this method is dependent on the selected operating conditions.



Planned document number

DIN ISO 17378-1

Project number


Responsible national committee

NA 119-01-03 AA - Water examination (CEN/TC 230, ISO/TC 147) 

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 147/SC 2 - Physical, chemical and biochemical methods 



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