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DIN SPEC 35810
Stakeholder Engagement - Guidelines for decision making processes dealing with climate change; Text in German and English

Title (German)

Stakeholderbeteiligung - Empfehlungen für Entscheidungsprozesse im Zusammenhang mit dem Klimawandel; Text Deutsch und Englisch




The importance of stakeholder engagement has been recognized and there is a need among private and public sectors for the standardization of stakeholder engagement in climate change decision-making. This Specification (DIN SPEC) has been developed to serve the purpose of providing appropriate and verified guidelines. The DIN SPEC 35810 has been prepared within the research project REGKLAM (Regional Climate Change Adaptation Program for the Dresden model region; FKZ: 01 LR 0802), which was funded by the German Ministry for Research and Education (BMBF). This DIN SPEC provides guidance and contains recommendations in stakeholder engagement in climate change decision-making and is directed at organisations from the public and private sectors, including federal and local governmental agencies, companies, firms, industries, communities and non-governmental organisations. Its user-friendly manner allows organizations to easily follow the principles and instructions and using a step-by-step guide to increasingly engage stakeholders in the decision-making process. This DIN SPEC in accordance with the PAS procedure was developed within a workshop (temporary committee) set up on a temporary basis. The document was developed and approved by the authors named in the foreword.

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Edition 2014-11
Original language German, English
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