Foundry practice 1 - Standards dealing with steel and iron castingsTechnical delivery conditions - Inspection documents and technical product documentation - Tolerances and drawing indications


The first edition of the "Foundry practice" DIN Handbook series 454 comprises three volumes containing standards for steel and iron castings used in a wide range of industrial applications. Voume 1 (DIN Handbook 454/1) includes eight DIN EN and DIN EN ISO Standards dealing with technical delivery conditions for steel and iron castings, inspection documents for metallic products, dimensional and geometrical tolerances for moulded parts, and drawing indications for moulded parts in technical product documentation. Volume 2 (DIN Handbook 454/2) contains nine DIN EN and DIN EN ISO Standards specifying test methods for steel and iron castings (magnetic particle testing, liquid penetrant testing, ultrasonic testing). Volume 3 (DIN Handbook 454/3) deals with materials, welding processes and equipment. The three volumes are also available in a package (E-Books or print versions) at a discounted price.

Series DIN Handbook 454/1
ISBN 978-3-410-25014-2
Edition 1. edition
Edition 2015-01
Cover Paper covers
Format A5
Pages 292 Pages
Original language English
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