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DIN EN ISO 23553-1
Safety and control devices for oil burners and oil-burning appliances - Particular requirements - Part 1: Automatic and semi-automatic valves (ISO 23553-1:2014); German version EN ISO 23553-1:2014

Title (German)

Sicherheits-, Regel- und Steuereinrichtungen für Ölbrenner und Öl verbrennende Geräte - Spezielle Anforderungen - Teil 1: Automatische und halbautomatische Ventile (ISO 23553-1:2014); Deutsche Fassung EN ISO 23553-1:2014


Automatic and semi-automatic valves are used for the opening or closing of oil lines both in the fuel supply system and at the oil burner. An oil valve according to prEN ISO 23553-1 is designed so that it closes automatically when the actuating energy is electrically, pneumatically or hydraulically interrupted. Furthermore, a semi-automatic valve is operated manually. This European Standard specifies safety, constructional and performance requirements and type testing of automatic and semi-automatic valves for oil.

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Responsible national committee

NA 041-03-01 AA - Control devices for oil burners and oil supply systems 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 47 - Atomizing oil burners and their components - Function - Safety - Testing 

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