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DIN SPEC 91292
MyOpenProductNavigator - Dynamic data interchange between product catalogues and ERP-systems

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myOpenProductNavigator - Dynamischer Datenaustausch zwischen Produktkatalogen und ERP-Systemen




The purpose of this DIN SPEC in accordance with the PAS method is the creation of a standard for product data interchange between online (catalogue, configurators, shops) and ERP systems. As a result, the opportunity shall be created to also make electronic data interchange available over online catalogues for companies having rather medium-sized business-oriented ERP systems. Additionally, extended access to internet technologies shall be facilitated for medium-sized ERP manufacturers. The DIN SPEC creates more transparency in the procurement processes as no information and media gaps in the value-added chain occur between the search, selection and configuration of the products as well as delivery date inquiries and the actual order processing. This DIN Specification is the result from the research project "myOpenProductNavigator - Dynamischer Stammdatenaustausch zwischen ERP-Systemen und Produktkatalogen" ("myOpenProductNavigator - Dynamic master data interchange between ERP systems and product catalogues"), which is supported in the framework of the assistance scheme "Transfer von Forschungs- und Entwicklungsergebnissen durch Normung und Standardisierung" TNS ("Transfer of research and development results through standardization") by the Federal Republic of Germany, sponsor: German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Technology on the basis of a resolution by the German House of Parliament. Six project partners participate in the standardization project.

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Edition 2013-02
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