• Hydrogen Technologies Standards form the basic framework for market ramp-up

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  • Climate change Standards and specifications support climate targets

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  • Smart Farming Standards and specifications are drivers for the digitalization of agriculture

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Projects of DKE/GUK 715.4

IEC 25/N1597A/DC 2008-11-20 30 day vote for a prospective FDIS on IEEE 754TM-2008: Floating-point arithmetic More  Comment 
IEC 25/N1738/FCD 2008-01-29 ISO/IEC FCD 14165-431: Information technology - Fibre channel - Part 431: Security protocol (FC-SP) More  Comment 
IEC 25/N1660/RES 2008-01-08 Resolution of comments on ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25 N 1502: ISO/IEC FCD 14776-921: Information technology - Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) - Part 921: SCSI-ATA Translation (SAT) and explanatory report More  Comment 
IEC 25/N1491/FCD 2007-09-18 Vote on 1st FCD ISO/IEC 14776-326: Information technology - Small computer system interface - Part 326: Reduced block commands (RBC), 2nd edition More  Comment 
IEC 25/N1442/CB 2007-03-29 Vote to authorise acceptance of late vote on NWIPs on 2 parts of Information technology - Fibre channel: Part 313: Avionics environment anonymous subscriber messaging (FC-AE-ASM) and Part 314: Avionics environment remote SCSI-3 direct memory access (FC-AE-RDMA) More  Comment 
IEC 25/N1899/CD 2007-03-29 ISO/IEC 14165-314: Information technology - Fibre channel - Part 314:Avionics environment - Remote direct memory access (FC-AE-RDMA) More  Comment 
IEC 25/N1281/NP 2007-01-23 Vote on NWIP on ISO/IEC 14165-252: Information technology - Fibre channel framing and signaling - 2 (FC-FS-2) More  Comment 
IEC 25/N1274/NP 2006-12-12 SC 25 N 1274: Vote on NWIP on ISO/IEC 14165-134: Information technology - Fibre channel switch fabric - 4 (FC-SW-4) More  Comment 
IEC 25/N1271/NP 2006-12-12 SC 25 N 1271: Vote on NWIP for ISO/IEC 14165-151: Information technology - Fibre channel baseT (FC-BaseT) More  Comment 
IEC 25/N1269/NP 2006-12-12 SC 25 N 1269: Vote on NWIP on ISO/IEC 14165-223: Information technology - Fibre channel single-byte command code sets - 3 (FC-SB-3) More  Comment