Projects of DKE/UK 513.10

IEC 59/396/NP 2004-12-10 Determination of the clean air delivery rate (cadr) of portable household electric room air cleaners More  Comment 
IEC 59L/10/CD 2003-07-04 IEC 61817-A2 Ed 1.0: Household portable appliances for cooking, grilling and similar use - Methods for measuring performance concerning caluse 7.7 More  Comment 
IEC 59G/121/DC 2001-09-21 Proposal of the British National Committee for an amendment to IEC 60530 "Methods for measuring performance of electric kettles and jugs for household and similar use", concerning the clean pouring. More  Comment 
IEC 59G/122/DC 2001-09-21 Proposed additional Annex to IEC 60619 2nd Ed. "Electrically operated food preparation appliances- Methods for measuring the performance" More  Comment 
DIN 44973-100 2001-07-24 Air cleaner and air humidifier - Part 100: Electrical air-conditioner for household and similar use; Methods for measuring the performance More  Comment 
IEC 59E/137/CDV 2000-11-17 Draft IEC 60311, Ed. 4: Electric irons for household or similar use - Methods for measuring performance More  Comment 
IEC 59E/156/CD 2000-11-10 IEC 60311-A1-f1 Ed 4.0: Electric Irons for Household or similar use - Methods for measuring performance, Measurement of energy consumption and ironing efficiency More  Comment 
IEC 59G/88/NP 1998-09-04 Proposal of the Secretariat: Household and similar electrical appliances - Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise More  Comment 
IEC 59E/118/CD 1996-09-06 Amendment to IEC 60311, Ed.3: Electric irons for household or similar use - Methods of measurement of performance - Clause 8, Scratch resistance of sole-plate More  Comment 
IEC 59E/78/CDV 1995-09-29 Amendment IEC 311: Clauses 13 and 18. Dot marking of sole-plate temperature and notes on Clause 18, and minimum sole-plate temerature for ironing More  Comment