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Standards [CURRENT]

BS ISO 4241

Cinematography. Projection film leader (time-based), trailer and cue marks. Specifications
Edition 2019-07-25

Standards [CURRENT]

BS ISO 5926

Technical requirements and test methods for digital cinema stereoscopic projection
Edition 2023-05-24

Standards [CURRENT]

BS IEC 62906-5-3

Laser display devices. Measuring methods of image quality for laser projection display
Edition 2021-02-17

Standards [CURRENT]

BS IEC 62906-5-1

Laser displays. Measurement of optical performance for laser front projection
Edition 2021-12-22

Standards [CURRENT]

BS IEC 62906-5-6

Laser displays. Measuring methods for optical performance of projection screens
Edition 2020-05-05

Standards [CURRENT]

BS ISO 2647

Wool. Determination of percentage of medullated fibres by the projection microscope
Edition 2020-07-27

Standards [CURRENT]

BS EN ISO 6412-2

Technical product documentation. Simplified representation of pipelines. Isometric projection
Edition 2018-03-05

Standards [CURRENT]

BS ISO 2910

Cinematography. Screen luminance and chrominance for the projection of film motion pictures
Edition 2018-02-19

Standards [CURRENT]


Resistance welding - Embossed projection welding - Projections for resistance welding (ISO 8167:2021)
Edition 2021-12-15

Standards [CURRENT]

UNE-EN IEC 63013

LED packages - Long-term luminous and radiant flux maintenance projection
Edition 2020-04-01