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Draft technical rule

VDI 3803 Blatt 4

Air-conditioning - System requirements - Air filter systems (VDI Ventilation Code of Practice)
Edition 2021-09

Technical rule [CURRENT]

VDI 6022 Blatt 5

Ventilation and indoor-air quality - Avoidance of allergenic exposure - Requirements regarding the testing and evaluation of technical products and components affecting the indoor air
Edition 2016-11

Technical rule [New]

VDI 2263 Blatt 10

Dust fires and dust explosions - Hazards - assessment - protective measures - Dust fires and explosion protection in mixers and mixing equipments
Edition 2022-05

Standards [CURRENT]

ASTM E 595

Standard Test Method for Total Mass Loss and Collected Volatile Condensable Materials from Outgassing in a Vacuum Environment
Edition 2015


ISO/TS 20177

Vacuum technology - Vacuum gauges - Procedures to measure and report outgassing rates
Edition 2018-06

Edition 2016-06



Edition 2021-09


Schweißtechnik 6

Elektronenstrahlschweißen, Laserstrahlschweißen - Normen, Richtlinien und Merkblätter
Edition 2017-12

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